Albacore Tuna Salad

with lemon mayo & avocado salsa


Atlantic Smoked Salmon

with caper cream cheese & dill


Traditional Egg Salad

with chives


Grilled Seasonal Vegetables

with roasted chickpea hummus & a white balsamic reduction


Roasted Turkey

with cheddar, hummus & tomatoes


Barbequed Chicken

with sundried tomato pesto


Traditional Chicken Salad

with apples, peppers & celery in a light mayo


Madras Curry Chicken Salad

with a sultanas, apples & coconut sauce


Sequel's Delicious Shaved Ontario Farms Roast Beef

with caramelized leeks & mushrooms


Roasted Ontario Leg of Lamb

with a tarragon aioli, sweet peppers & boston bib


Party Sandwiches Include:

egg, tuna, salmon salad, smoked salmon & dill cream cheese, cucumber &

chive mayo, ham & swiss


Custom selections made to order...