Green Sustainability

Our Greening Mission...


It's our term for the unrelenting dedication that we have to offer our clients the most stunning events imaginable, while keeping in mind that we are all

stewards of the land. Leading the catering industry toward a new reality, we are committed market partners of Local Food Plus (LFP), and proud members of

Green Enterprise Ontario (GEO). We also work closely with Foodland Ontario to stay on top of what is seasonally available and provide the freshest ingredients

at our events. These partnerships allow us to build strong relationships with local Ontario farmers, ensuring the nourishment we offer provides a fair return to

those who care enough to grow our food responsibly without the use of harmful pesticides or irresponsible transportation methods. We recycle 90% of our

reduse and can offer Bullfrog powered events. It is this passionate ideology that has driven us to the forefront of the catering industry and the support of our

clients who share our vision that will keep us there.